Summer Education Series 2022

Birds of Urquhart Butterfly Garden and Canal Park

Bill Lamond

Free Workshop Saturday August 13th at 10am

Bill Lamond is a well known Ontario Naturalist and an exceptional birder who can identify the many birds that are seen at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden and Canal Park.  

Join Bill for this Nature Walk where he will be able to share tips for identifying birds and interesting notes about their lives and migration. Bring your binoculars because Bills’s eagle eyes might spot some rare species

 Bill is not only an expert in birds but also in herps, moths, butterflies, dragonflies and plants.  This nature walk is sure to keep you entertained.

The session is free and open to all.  You are requested to bring a chair and wear a hat. You will spend 1 hour in the full sun of the garden and Canal Park.  The event will be cancelled in the event of rain.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden is immediately adjacent to Centennial Park and the Hamilton Air Force Association at 128 King St. E in Dundas.

There is plenty of free parking and the location is easily accessible by public transportation or bicycle.

Sponsored  by the Dougher Foundation & Hamilton Naturalist’ Club

For more information contact:

Joanna Chapman

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