Winter 2022-23 Photo Contest Winners

Winter has turned into Spring which means the results of the Winter Photo Contest are here! The contest is sponsored by the Hamilton Conservation Authority and the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.

Congratulations to the winners and a warm ‘Thank You’ to all of the photographers who took part.

Finally, a big thank you to the judges who made the difficult decisions.



Honorary Mention – Michelle Sharp, Dundas

Honorary Mention – Ken Kerr, Dundas

Honorary Mention – Marsha Wright, Waterdown.

Honorary Mention – Rob Huiskamp, Dundas.

3nd Place – Jamie Habkirk, Dundas.

2nd Place – Marsha Wright, Waterdown.

1st Place – Mark Williams, Hamilton.


Honorary Mention – Canada Geese. Mary Dimitriw, Dundas.

Honorary Mention – North American Beaver. Melanie Howarth, Guelph.

Honorary Mention – Hooded Merganser. Geoff Olaveson, Millgrove.

Honorary Mention – Eastern Grey Squirrel. Marsha Wright, Waterdown.

3rd Place – Herring Gull & Mute Swan. Ken Kerr, Dundas.

2nd Place – Wilson’s Snipe. Geoff Olaveson, Millgrove.

1st Place – Canada Geese. Ken Kerr, Dundas.

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