UBG Kiosk

Thanks to a generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation the old panels on the UBG kiosk have been replaced with colourful new ones.  These beautiful eye-catching new panels have been designed by Michelle Sharp who also took almost all the photos.

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Local Butterfly Panel

Local Butterfly Panel (front)

Monarch Panel (front)

Monarch Panel (front)

Butterfly Families Panel (Front)

Butterfly Families Panel (front)

Viceroy Panel

Viceroy Panel (front)

The UBG's newly updated kiosk

The UBG’s newly updated kiosk (back)

Panel 1

Host Plants and Nectar Plants (back)

The second panel of the kiosk

Other Visitors of the Garden (back)

The third panel of the kiosk

Garden History and Donors (back)