Summer Education Series 2022

Dragonflies & Their Kin

Brenda Van Ryswyk

Free Workshop Saturday July 30th, at 10 am

Brenda Van Ryswyk is a Natural Heritage Ecologist and a well known dragonfly expert.  Brenda will lead a walk through the garden where she will share her knowledge on the astonishing lives of dragonflies & their kin.

Dragonflies & Damselflies (Ondonata) are quite astonishing creatures that you may have noticed hovering in the garden or zipping through the air.  As we walk through the garden Brenda will share her knowledge while she shows how to locate and identify dragonflies & their kin.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden is adjacent to water and is an excellent location for dragonfly viewing. 

The session is open to all, and you will leave with a new knowledge and understanding of dragonflies and damselflies (Ondonata) at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.  Saturday, July30th at 10 am.

Please bring a chair and wear a hat as we will spend 1 hour in the full sun of the garden. The event will be cancelled in the event of rain.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden is immediately adjacent to Centennial Park and the Hamilton Air Force Association at 128 King St. E in Dundas.

There is plenty of free parking and the location is easily accessible by public transportation or bicycle.Sponsored  by the Dougher Foundation & Hamilton Naturalist’ Club

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