Aug 2: Guided Butterfly and Bird Identification Walk, with Matt Mills

Baltimore Checkerspot, by Mike Veltri

Baltimore Checkerspot, by Mike Veltri

Guided Butterfly & Bird Identification Walk: Matt Mills

Saturday August 2nd, 11am

Some butterflies are as big as your hand and others small as a fingernail. Some are drab and shy while others are bold and colourful, like the well-known Monarch butterfly.

It frequently takes an expert to determine exactly what species of butterfly is flitting past in search of a suitable mate or a host plant on which to deposit eggs. The abundance of both host plants and flowering nectar sources at the Garden has been key to successfully attracting butterflies.

The many shrubs at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden provide a home for nesting songbirds, while view of the the Desjardins Canal give visitors an opportunity to see herons, ducks and other water birds.

Matt Mills is an experienced naturalist with a skill at identifying birds and butterflies. The guided walk with Matt takes about an hour and begins at 11am on Saturday August 2nd. If it rains the walk will be cancelled.

This event is part of the UBG Summer Series.

The Summer Series is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation.

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