July 26: Insect Lives and Loves, with Jerry Bloom

Grasshopper, by Ron Rowan

Grasshopper, by Ron Rowan

Saturday July 26th, 11am, Rain or Shine

Jerry Bloom is a scientist and an educator. He has been a bug guy since the age of 4, with a lifelong emphasis on grasshoppers, as befits a native of Saskatchewan. “My grandmother never reconciled herself to the idea of my bringing grasshoppers into the house to watch television with me.” said Jerry. He went on to make a livelihood out of determining whether the grasshoppers might really have been capable of seeing the television. Now Bloom lives on a property in rural Flamborough, which he manages for maximum insects biodiversity.

There is a long list of insects that Jerry has worked with, including flesh flies and hissing cockroaches, and he is known to be one of the most knowledgeable entomologists in these parts.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden plays host to a vast array of insects during the summer months. Jerry Bloom is coming to unlock their secrets for us at the free workshop on Saturday July 26th, 11am. Bringing a chair is recommended.

Part of the UBG Summer Series

The Summer Series 2014 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation

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