2013 – A Discussion with the Hamilton Urban Beekeepers

Honey Bee

Honey Bee

On Thursday, September 12th, at 6pm, the Urquhart Butterfly Garden will be hold  A Discussion with the Hamilton Urban Beekeepers. The guest speaker is Brandi Lee MacDonald, who was recently featured in the Hamilton Spectator.

The first hive started by the Hamilton Urban Beekeepers is on McMaster campus, just downstream of the Butterfly Garden. The Hamilton Urban Beekeepers were founded by OPIRG  in response to the Colony Collapse Disorder that is threatening the bee population. The aim of this group is educate on the critical role that honeybees play in the health and biodiversity of local ecological settings and in the security of our food supply.
The discussion will touch on why it’s a good idea to cultivate bees in the city; an introduction to beekeeping and the logistics of establishing a hive; and the current threats to bee health, including the mysterious deaths of local bees this spring, linked to the use of new pesticides. This workshop will demonstrate the ability for grassroots community initiatives to respond effectively to big problems like Colony Collapse Disorder and to build local food security.

Urban beekeeping is a way we can assist in saving these important pollinators. Find out what you can do on September 12th at 6pm. This event will be held inside the Air Force Club, and the bar will be open for those who would like to linger for a drink afterwards.

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