2013 – History of the Desjardins Area and the Urquhart Butterfly Garden

Hummingbird, by Michelle Sharp

Hummingbird, by Michelle Sharp

On Thursday September 5th at 6 pm, at Urquhart Butterfly Garden, there will be a free workshop at the Garden on the  “History of the Desjardins Area and the Urquhart Butterfly Garden“, presented by Stan Nowak of the Dundas Valley Historical Society, and Joanna Chapman coordinator of the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.

Centennial Park sits on the site of the old Port of Dundas, and the Desjardins Canal, was once a busy shipping route and the key to Dundas’ economy. Stories of the area’s industrial past live on in the landscape, and Stan will draw on his vast knowledge of local history to vividly explain the story of the canal. 
The history and impetus  for the Urquhart Butterfly Garden is one that few people know.  Joanna Chapman, has been the coordinator of the project since the beginning, and will reveal the strange story behind the creation the Municipal Butterfly Garden for Dundas, and also why the particular location was selected. 
In the event of rain this session will be held inside at the Air Force Club, next to Centennial Park.
The Summer Education Series is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation.

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