Summer Series Update

Urquhart Butterfly Garden at Centennial Park, Dundas

Dragonflies & Their Kin 

Brenda Van Ryswyk

Free Workshop

Saturday August 14 at 10 am

Dragonflies are amazing creatures.  They zip through the air, with an ability to fly up & down, hover like a helicopter, and even fly backwards and upside down in their quest for a meal of flying insects.  They have extraordinary eyesight, and their complex eye structure enable them, to see almost 360 degrees without moving the head.

Brenda Van Ryswyk, well known dragonfly expert, will be leading a workshop which will tell more about the the astonishing lives of these beautiful creatures, and how to locate and identify them.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden is adjacent to water, so its an excellent location for dragonfly viewing.  Join Brenda on Saturday, August 14 at  10 am 

  • Please bring a chair
  • On a bus route and lots of free parking

     –   Cancelled in the event of rain

Funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation

Summer Series Begins this Weekend.

Urquhart Butterfly Garden Summer Series 2021 :  Saturday August 7 – September 11

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden will begin a Summer Series of workshops on Saturday August 7 at 10 am.

Our own staff naturalist Matt Mills will be the first of the Saturday guides with a Butterfly and Nature Identification walk.  It takes a trained eye to point out hidden butterflies and to distinguish the identifying features.  Can you tell the difference between a Monarch and a Viceroy?  Do you know why stinging nettle is such an important plant in a butterfly garden?    Discover these answers and much more.

The session is open to all, and you will leave with a new knowledge and understanding of the wonderful diversity of wildlife at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.  Saturday August 7 at 10 am.

You are requested to bring a chair and wear a hat. We will spend 1 hour in the full sun of the garden. The event will be cancelled in the event of rain.

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden is immediately adjacent to Centennial Park and the Hamilton Air Force Association at 128 King St. E in Dundas.

There is plenty of free parking and the location is easily accessible by public transportation or bicycle.


For more information contact:

Joanna Chapman

Black Swallowtail. August 02, 2021. Photo By Michelle Sharp.