What a Spring!

What a spring! One day it is too hot, the next day snow and freezing temperatures, then rain, rain, rain. It has made it hard to do gardening. Nonetheless we are pressing ahead.

Our gardener for the season is Kathy Michaluk, who is often joined by volunteer Rose Anne Prevec. When shrubs and plants arrive more people will be assisting. Monica Brecht and her sister, Mike and Ryan will all be lending a hand.

The beavers have caused considerable damage to the shrubs along banks and the pathway to Canal Park. We shall doing some replacement planting with fast growing willows.

If you hurry to the Garden you will see the beautiful Captain Cootes Red apple trees in full bloom. There are quite a few Painted Lady butterflies on our pearly everlasting, also the occasional Red Admiral finding just the right stinging nettle. We are off to an early start.

We hope to keep “Seen in the Garden” up-to-date, and there will be a our usual series of Saturday talks – so far the line-up looks great.


Captain Cootes Red apple tree by Rose Anne Prevec
Captain Cootes Red apple tree blossoms by Rose Anne Prevec

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