UBG Summer 2022 Photo Contest Winners!

Where did the summer go?  It is hard to believe that fall is fast approaching and with it the results of the Photo Contest.

Congratulations to the winners, and Honorary Mentions, in the 2022 Urquhart Butterfly Garden Photo Contest!  You will receive your diplomas in the mail.

It is always exciting to see the Garden through the eyes of photographers, and there were some unexpected photos this year. Thank you to all the entrants, it was really a treat looking at your photos ā€“ whether you won or not.  If you did not win, the winter photo contest is coming up!

Joanna, Nancy, Anne, Ryan, & Matt.

Youth – Winner: Luisa Bonachela, Age 13, Oakville. Wild Chicory.

Adult – Honorary Mention: Ada Smith, Ancaster. Highbush Cranberry (Viburnum).

Adult – 2nd Place: Fernanda Bonachela, Oakville. Himalayan Cranesbill.

Adult – 1st Place: Mary Dimitriw, Dundas. Japanese Anemone.

Youth – Winner: Luisa Bonachela, Age 13, Oakville. Sweat Bee.

Adult – Honorary Mention: Michelle Sharpe. Moulting Katydid.

Adult – 2nd Place: Mark Williams, Hamilton. Brown Horned Treehopper.

Adult – 1st Place: Fernanda Bonachela, Oakville. Margined Calligrapher.

Youth – Winner: Gill Doncaster, Age 10, Dundas. Peck’s Skipper.

Adult – Honorary Mention: Jim Auty, Hamilton. Great spangled fritillary.

Adult – 2nd Place: Marsha Wright, Waterdown. Black Swallowtails.

Adult – 1st Place: Doug Lay, Toronto. Hummingbird Clearwing.

Youth – Winner: Luisa Bonachela, Age 13, Oakville. Dekay’s Brownsnake

Adult – Honorary Mention: Michelle Sharp, Dundas. Gray Treefrog.

Adult – Honorary Mention: Nancy Lazare-Gellert, Dundas. Ruby-throated Hummingbird.

Adult – 2nd Place: Geoff Dunn, Ancaster. Red-bellied Woodpecker.

Adult – 1st Place: Mark Williams, Hamilton. American Goldfinch.

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