2021 Photo Contest

***UPDATE August 01, 2021***
Please note that the Photo Contest rules previously stated 3 photos in 4 categories for a total of up to 8 photos. This was an error and has been corrected. The rule now states Enter up to 3 photos per category (maximum 12 photos).

Spring is rushing into Summer.  Butterflies are coming, new ones every day.  There is also lots of interesting bug activity for the sharp eyed nature watcher.  We have young rabbits and some chipmunks along with the usual voles, however there has been a mink visiting, so small mammals will need to be very careful.

The mulberries are ripening and the birds are flocking to them, see how many species you can spot.

Matt Mills, nature interpreter and gardener, started work in early June.  He’s always happy to answer your questions and is very skilled at identification, so don’t be shy with your queries.

 Our regular postings of photos Seen in the Garden will begin again this week.  The Photo Contest starts on Friday, June 25, so good luck with your sightings!


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