Seen in the Garden 2020

Seen In the Garden is a snapshot of a few of the creatures and plants spotted on a particular day at a specific time.  It in no way represents all the wonderful wildlife that could be seen throughout the day!

Michelle Sharp visits the Urquhart Butterfly regularly, usually every day.  She spends about an hour meandering through the paths, and takes photos of many of the things that catch her eye.  Most of the photos on the site will be hers. Michelle designed all the Urquhart Butterfly Garden signage, posters, and  brochures – in fact everything!  Added to her design abilities, Michelle is a keen amateur photographer & naturalist.

This year, two other photographers have been contributing to “Seen in the Garden”:  Ken Kerr and Mark Williams. Both visit the Garden frequently and have added some great shots of interesting creatures. Many thanks to all for sharing their photos.

Click to enlarge each photo to observe the details.

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