A short film by Mark Williams

Mark Williams, a frequent visitor to the Urquhart Butterfly Garden, created this beautiful video from his observations at the garden this year and last. It showcases some of the great diversity of insects and plants you may find as you wander through the paths. Thank you to Mark for creating this delightful video of life at the garden.

2 thoughts on “A short film by Mark Williams

  1. Thank you to all who contribute to and maintain this website and garden!! I am using the information and falling in love with the lovely creatures that are portrayed here. I saw a butterfly in the Dundas Valley that I can’t find in my Butterflies of Ontario book or any ID website. Is there someone that I can send a picture to, to help me learn more about it? Brush foot size, black wings with iridescent blue on the bottom wings, small amounts of white on bottom edges and tips of top wings. Not a Mourning Cloak or Swallowtail…stumped.

    • Hi Pat, thank you for your comment! iNaturalist (inaturalist.org) is a useful tool to help with identification and to learn more about each species. You can upload your observations and photo recognition will help identify it, and then the community will verify the sighting. Could be a Red-spotted Purple? Good luck!

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