June, 2020

The Urquhart Butterfly Garden website is off to a really late start this year, however we hope to make up for lost time with more postings and more photos than ever.   

Unfortunately we are unable to hold our usual Summer Series due to COVID-19, but we do hope to hold a modified Photo Contest – watch this website for further information.

We have been gardening since early April, getting the garden ready, pruning, separating perennials, removing invasive species and generally cleaning up.

We usually grow many of our annuals from nursery stock, but last year a decision was made to ask two local organic growers to grow plants from seed.  We also overwintered the Lantana and some of the Salvia Black and Blue.  The Lantana was planted at the UBG on June 5 and should be successful, but the Salvia did not fare so well.  This all means that many of our plants will not flower until later in the season.

We hope to see you at the Garden, and please share your photos with us!

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