Spring 2019

We are off to a late start this year! However, on one of the few really nice warm days, about two weeks ago, there were lots of American Ladies laying eggs on Pearly Everlasting, a couple of Painted Ladies on Thistle, and Red Admirals egg laying on Stinging Nettles. With all this rain, it seems unlikely for the eggs to have survived, certainly there are no signs of caterpillars, yet.

You may have noticed a new person working at the Urquhart butterfly Garden, her name is Alicia (Ali). She comes with great training in gardening and permi-culture, and will be taking on a lot of work for the garden this year. Alicia will be keeping the daily records up to date and posting photos among many other things.

Let’s hope for sunnier days and lots of butterflies.

Take a look at our two newly posted photos by Michelle Sharp, taken this past winter in the garden.




Photo: American Lady on Pearly Everlasting

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