Walk on the Wild Side – Wildflowers in and around the Butterfly Garden: Dean Gugler Saturday August 1, 11am

Wildflower expert, Dean Gugler, will be giving a workshop at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden on Saturday August 1st at 11am

Dean has been a dedicated volunteer for 12 years in the Herbarium of the Royal Botanical Gardens and has committed over 30 years of his life to learning and teaching others about wild flowers. Dean is author of What’s That Flower?” and is credited with the discovery of two wild flower species never before encountered in the area.

The workshop takes about an hour and begins at 11am on Saturday August 1.

The workshop will proceed in rain or shine. In case of rain, the workshop will be held in the Hamilton Airforce Club, adjacent to the garden.

The Summer Series 2015 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation.

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