Sept 6: Plant & Herb Lore and Bird Calling: Joanne Tunnicliffe

Carpenter Bee, by Ron Rowan

Carpenter Bee on Lavender, by Ron Rowan

Joanne Tunnicliffe has a vast knowledge of the many herbs and wildflowers which are grown at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden and can explain the particular qualities of the plants. She will also discuss the delicate relationships between plants and the many forms of wildlife which inhabit the Garden. Joanne knows how plants have been used by First Nations and other practitioners of herbal medicine throughout the centuries.

An ability to mimic bird calls so well that birds come to see who is calling is an art, and Joanne is very good at it, and encourages others to learn the skill for themselves. It’s a lovely way to broaden an interest in birds.

This workshop will be enjoyed by young and old. Joanne’s approach to her subjects is far from dry, and often very humorous. The presentation will take about an hour and begins at 11am on Saturday, September 6th .

Don’t be put off if the weather is bad, because Joanne Tunnicliffe has a lively presentation which will be given indoors at the Air Force Club if it rains.

This event is part of the UBG’s Summer Series

The Summer Series is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation.

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