Aug 23: A Bee or not a Bee? Learn about the thousands of bee species in our environment


Jagged Ambush Bug, by Michelle Sharp

Jagged Ambush Bug, by Michelle Sharp

Saturday August 23rd, 11 am.

Without bees our ecosystem would collapse and humankind would perish, and yet few of us know much about the many species of bee which we rely on for pollination of the food we eat.

Laurence Packer is one North America’s foremost bee experts, and everywhere he travels, he discovers that bees are disappearing. The consequences of not taking action to protect them are frightening.

Packer will discuss the many myths about bees, and will help to identify the numerous species which inhabit the Urquhart Butterfly Garden. He will also go through the steps that all of us can take to protect and help to save these fascinating insects.

Did you know that only female bees sting, and that many bee species do not sting at all? Or that most bee species are not social and live solitary lives? Or that many of the insects we think of as bees are not bees at all? Laurence Packer is a hive of interesting bee facts.

Join this free workshop on Saturday August 23rd at 11 am. Please bring a chair. If it rains the session will be held in the Air Force Club next to the Garden.

This session is part of the UBG Summer Series

The Summer Series 2014 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation.

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