Dragonflies and their Kin: Brenda van Ryswyk

Dragonfly, July 1 2014, by Michelle Sharp

Dragonfly, July 1 2014, by Michelle Sharp

Saturday August 9th, 11am

Back by popular demand, Brenda van Ryswyk will host a workshop about dragonflies and damselflies as part of the UBG’s Summer 2014 Series.

Dragonflies and damselflies are powerful hunters, performing amazing feats of aerial agility to gobble up scores of smaller insects. Their life cycle is fascinating, beginning underwater before crawling to land, shedding their skins, and then taking to the air.

Due to the proximity of the Desjardins Canal, there is a great diversity of these creatures at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden. Brenda van Ryswyk is a well known local expert on both dragonflies and damselflies. In this session Brenda will show participants how to observe, identify and recognize some of the most common species in our area.

Bring your own chair if you can — last year, we didn’t have close to enough seats for Brenda’s excellent talk.

Part of the 2014 Summer Series

The Summer Series 2014 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation

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