2014 Summer Programming in the Garden

Surprised Eastern Chipmunk, by Michelle Sharp

Surprised Eastern Chipmunk, by Michelle Sharp

Building on the success of last year’s Summer Education Series, this year, the Urquhart Butterfly Garden will be hosting two exciting programs: A photography contest and a series of nature interpretation walks. The interpretive program will begin in July, while the photography contest will begin on June 15th. We will be releasing more details as the season advances, but for now here’s a taste of what’s to come:

The interpretive walks will be led by Matt Mills, a skilled naturalist and public educator based in Dundas, and other naturalists who will focus on particular themes, such as Dragonflies or Spiders. The UBG is quite compact but very diverse, making it an ideal site for discovery without requiring much walking.

The photography contest seeks to build on and highlight the community of photographers who have already made the UBG a popular destination for their craft. There will be two divisions, adults and youth under 18, each with three categories: butterflies, other insects (spiders, centipedes, and such included), and birds. A first and second prize will be awarded in each category, and photos will be displayed in September.

Keep checking back here for more details on these programs! You can also get updates on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Urquhart-Butterfly-Garden/677434358948946

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