2013 – Exploring Medicinal Herbs: A guided tour of the UBG

Bee Balm flower

Bee Balm flower

This Thursday, August 15th, at 6pm, we invite you to join us in the Urquhart Butterfly Garden to explore the medicinal uses of the plants that grow there with herbalist Julia Hitchcock. Although the UBG is planted with the intention of creating habitat for insects and birds, many of the plants growing there are useful for human health as well.

To use plants as medicine, we must begin by getting familiar with them, and our capacity to work with them grows as our knowledge of them does. From the biggest tree to the smallest weedy herb, we have much to gain by spending time identifying and looking closely at plant-life.

Julia Hitchcock is an organic farmer of veggies, herbs, fruit and
flowers. She has been studying herbs and making and using medicines
for more than five years. Her teachers include Rosemary Gladstar and
Michael Virtolli.


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