2013 – Beginning August 3rd, Free Guided Butterfly and Bird ID Walks

Question Mark

Question Mark

Saturday August 3rd at 11am the Urquhart Butterfly Garden will be holding its first ‘Free Guided Butterfly & Bird Identification Walks ‘ at the Garden. Join naturalist Matthew Mills to discover the diversity of life at the Garden.

Butterflies come in many sizes, some as big as your hand and others as small as a fingernail. Some butterflies are drab and shy others are bold and colourful, like the well-known Monarch butterfly. Visitors who walk through the Garden quickly are likely to see nothing but Cabbage Whites, but visitors who spend time at the Butterfly Garden are often rewarded with unusual sightings.

It frequently takes an expert to determine exactly what species is flitting past in search of a suitable mate or host plant on which to deposit eggs. The abundance of both host plants and flowering plants at the Garden has been the key to successfully attracting butterflies.

Grey Catbird, by Michelle Sharp

Grey Catbird, by Michelle Sharp

This same habitat also provides a home for nesting songbirds while nearby views of the Desjardins Canal give visitors an opportunity to see herons, ducks and other waterbirds

Hikes will convene under the trees immediately in front of the parking lot. Look for signs. Be prepared for an hour in the sun, bring sunscreen and wear light clothing. Cameras and binoculars are recommended. Please leave your dogs at home. If there is rain the guided walk will be canceled.

The guided walks begin on Saturday August 3rd, at 11am, and continue at the same time every second Saturday in August and September (August 3,17,31, and September 14, 28).

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