Birds of the Garden & Canal Park with Brian Wylie

A Free Workshop August 25, a.m

If it has feathers Brian Wylie can identify it!  Long-time naturalist and active member of the Executive of the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club, Brian’s speciality is birds.  He has a vast amount of interesting information about our local bird life.

At  this time of year many birds are massing for the migration, and interesting species can be spotted flitting through the bushes. An Osprey can usually be seen flying overhead, and dozens of canary yellow Goldfinches are eating thistle seed in Canal Park.

If you have a pair of binoculars, they would be very helpful, however, there are pairs which can be shared, and lots to see without them.  Brian is very used to teaching nature to young people, so make it a family affair.

  • Please bring a chair
  • The workshop will be cancelled in the event of rain
  • Lots of free parking and on a bus route.