Bees & Bugs with Jenna Braun


Meadowhawk photo by Michelle Sharp

A Free Workshop on Saturday September 1, 11 am

There are a wonderful array of bees, wasps and bugs at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden.  Jenna Braun, entomologist, full is full of fascinating facts, about the insect world.   Did you know that a Bumblebee can fly as high as Everest?  Or that Damselflies have been on earth for 300 million years?  


Locust Borer on Goldenrod photo by Michelle Sharp

Learn that there really is a bee called a Sweat Bee, and it loves human sweat!  Jenna has been interested in the world of bugs for many years, and communicates her enthusiasm easily.  Kids will love this workshop, because they will get to see, and handle insects safely, up very close.

  • Please bring a chair
  • The workshop will be cancelled in the event of rain
  • Lots of free parking and on a bus route

The Summer Series 2018 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation