Dragonflies & Their Kin

The ever-popular naturalist Brenda Van Ryswyk will be giving a workshop about Dragonflies & Their Kin. Few people know more about dragonflies than Brenda. Join her on Saturday August 5 at 11 am and prepare to be amazed.

“Whether you call them ‘masters of air and water’, or ‘jewelled killers of the air’, dragonflies are fascinating creatures, and the Urquhart Butterfly Garden is ideally placed to observe them” Brenda said recently.”

Sometimes it is hard to know what just zipped past your vision as it hunts for mosquitoes. Brenda will show how to observe, identify and recognize some of the dragonfly and damselfly species in our area.

You are requested to wear a hat and bring along a chair. Lots of free parking available.

The Summer Series if held every Saturday Until September 2. For more information please visit: http://urquhartbutterfly.com

The Summer Series 2017 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation.