Bees & Bugs!

Are you befuddled by bees, and befogged by bugs? Ecologist, Jenna Braun will help you identify the many species that inhabit the Urquhart Butterfly Garden. Jenna will lead a free guided interpretive walk, Bees & Bugs on Saturday, September 2, at 11 am. The walk will be cancelled if it rains.

There are over 400 bee species in Ontario. Some bees nest in the ground, and in dead flower stalks; others cut up leaves to make their nests. There is a species who just loves human sweat! There are bees that can sting and most of them don’t. Find out which is which on Saturday.

“Bees and bugs are an ever endless source of fascination” Jenna Braun said recently. The many flowering plants at the Urquhart Butterfly garden are ideal for attracting a wide variety of different species.

You are requested to wear a hat and bring a chair. Lots of free parking available.

This is the final session in the Summer Series.

The Summer Series 2017 is funded by the Dougher Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation




Honey bee on Cup Plant Photo by Michelle Sharpe


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