UBG Photo Contest Update: Contest Open to Photographers of all ages!

There are many junior photographers who are under 10 years of age and, due to demand, the Urquhart Butterfly Garden Photo Contest is now open to this younger age group. The photos must be taken without assistance from adults, however, adults may assist with the identification of species and entry information, for the under 10’s. First prize in each category is $25.00 cash, plus there will be 2 Honourable Mentions. Prize money has been donated by an anonymous  donor.

For the under 10’s the categories remain the same as for other age groups: Butterflies & Moths; Insects Spiders & Bugs; Birds & other Wildlife; Plants & Flowers.  Two photos can be submitted in each category.  Photos must be taken from the paths of the Butterfly Garden.

Good photos mainly require an interest in the subject and sophisticated equipment is not necessary.  Most young people have cell phones now, and are adept at using them to take photos.

Photographers of all age groups are reminded that photos must  be taken from the paths.

The contest ends at midnight on August 30, 2015

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