New Feature: Seen in the Garden

Michelle Sharp has been a regular visitor to the Urquhart Butterfly Garden for several years.  This talented woman  is responsible for the design of beautiful entrance sign, plus our posters, flyers, brochures, and the Urquhart panel  on the kiosk.
She has also taken many wonderful photographs some of which are posted on our web site.
Michelle comes to the Garden almost daily for between 1 and two hours, and documents what she sees, often with photographs.
This web site will now be listing what Michelle sees, as often as she sends us the list.  Keep in mind that the list is just a ‘snapshot’ of what one person has seen during a specific period, not a list of all that can be seen at the Urquhart Butterfly Garden on a given day.
We will try to keep the listings as up-to-date as possible.
The list will include butterflies, moths and dragonflies, and will not include numbers of the species.   Although the Garden teams with other life, it will not be included in the lists unless it is something extremely unusual.

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